Brand identity and label design of Shepherd’s Secret


Client: Nova Iskra
Project: Brand Identity

Guided by values woven into the product: tradition, nature, nutrition, unique flavor, delicatessen, originality, health etc., we created a unique visual identity of the brand and the packaging itself. The color pallet is in accordance with natural materials, evoking them. Other materials make a bridge between the old ways of packaging and the present methods.


Also, standing out on the shelf and a different approach to designing the packaging for this product was achieved by wrapping the top of the jars in the patina cloth, tied with a rope. In addition to these elements, Serbian mountainous region was used as a motif on the label, a symbol of the product’s origin. A product designed as such enables fast positioning on the shelves in retail and attracting customers who understand the value of real gourmet delicacies.