„Madnet“ Rebranding


Client: Madnet
Project: Brand Identity

Based in Pančevo, Madnet is the lead internet provider in its region. As of recently, they’ve have enhanced their portfolio with TV and telephone services. As their range expanded and significantly developed, the then existing brand identity was not in line with the company management’s vision. Working with Madnet’s outstanding team we worked hard to develop an adequate and more fitting brand identity. We started off by intersecting the company’s current status and public image, focusing on how existing users and clients perceive Madnet. Then we repositioned the brand strategically and “Always Connected” as a slogan fit best with the shift. The main trigger for purchasing Madnet services is the clients’ need for constant communication and interaction with others and their desire to continuously be in touch with the rest of the world.


Our solution for Madnet’s visual identity is such that we decided that the sign itself is the bearer of a vital message – Madnet connects people and enables them to communicate with each other. The color red was retained as one of the most important segments of the brand’s identity; as a link with the previous Madnet logo, making it recognizable and familiar. This decision proved to be a success because the acceptance of the new brand’s new identity has been extraordinary – by employees and customers alike. Giving Madnet’s brand identity a refreshing reboot, the company can continue to energetically progress and develop further.